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Whether you have seen the full video documentary entitled 180 Movie or not, this video is the full interview with Alicia -- a woman who appears in the full-length documentary by Living Waters. What is quite amazing and interesting is how the questions are related to the experiences Alicia has already had even before she arrived for the video interview. Having watched this clip all the way to the end, one can connect how this all fits together.

In the interview, Alicia was asked some difficult questions in order to present her with a perspective regarding the value of human life. In the process, she was then asked to think about her current views on abortion. She then went from being pro-choice to valuing human life and coming into an understanding of how she needed to think of the situation with a new perspective.

Watch how she goes through the process. You 'll also get to hear her responses to the questions pertaining to the afterlife.

NOTE: If you haven't already seen the video documentary entitled 180 movie on the subject of abortion, you will want to see this important message available for free viewing online by clicking the following link: 180movie.com

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