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With a world which seems to have lost touch with what it means to be a father, the new movie release from Sherwood Pictures will hopefully bring a renewed sense of a long forgotten and yet biblically based concept of the centrality of the father as the leader of the home. Of such leadership, spiritual leadership is primary and the only way for that to be worthwhile and lasting is for it to be grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It is important to support films which support Christian values. Be sure to see Courageous and invite others to see a movie that will hopefully do for men and families what Fireproof has done for marriages. See the importance of the Gospel message included in the story and inspire men to be the leaders God designed them to be from the beginning.

You'll want to check out the Courageous Resources they have provided for further study and help. In addition, you can find a theater, and see a trailer... all by going here.

Sidenote: When at the theater, you may want to beware of other movie trailers that come before the film... sometimes these can be quite concerning.

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