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Mark Cahill has released a new DVD which contains two messages with one on the "Holiness of God" and the other on "The Watchmen on the Wall." In Mark's January 2011 newsletter, the description for the Holiness of God message was the following:

The angels around the throne cry out, “Holy, Holy, Holy.” What is holiness? How am I supposed to imitate it? Understanding this supreme attribute of God will keep us from sinning, motivate us to witnessing and send us to praising!

The description for the second message entitled "The Watchmen on the Wall" was the following:

As this world continues to seemingly spin out of control, are you sounding the trumpet? Are you warning folks that God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked? Are you challenging people to flee the wrath to come that Luke 3 talks about? Watch this message, and start sounding the alarm!"

To get your copy, or to find out more about Mark Cahill's ministry and resources (which are HIGHLY recommended!), click here.

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