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A new documentary video is coming soon entitled "The Atheist Delusion. A goal of the creators at Living Waters has been to show what is happening in the thoughts of atheists. The video provides one-to-one evangelism encounters providing firsthand experience of what atheists believe and the presentation of truth that causes them to reconsider their beliefs. The video is set to release July 29th and will be available for digital download. Find out more at www.AtheistMovie.com. Two months after the digital download release, the video will be released on YouTube. In the meantime, you can get glimpse of the trailer here.

Oh how we all need mercy! Reflecting on how incredibly great our need is for mercy can only be understood in the light of our own sin and the state of a fallen world in which we live. If you are buried under the burden of guilt and shame or frazzled by the circumstances that surround you... meditate on this wonderful truth in light of God's mercy and the Gospel. Paul David Tripp explores this concept in a brief video that is worth a watch.

May it be a refreshing truth to increase your motivation for perseverance in your everyday walk.


An upcoming documentary entitled Evolution Vs. God sets out to evaluate evolutionary claims and asks questions at some prominent universities to try to obtain answers and proof for evolution. You will be able to view firsthand interviews with professors to find out what kind of evidence they offer and what evidence that scientists claim supports evolution. The video is set to release on July 9th and will be available for download and viewing at www.EvolutionVsGod.com. The DVD is set to release in August. In the meantime, the following trailer can give you a sense of what is set to release soon.

Back in 2010, Living Waters ministry held the Deeper Conference in Kentucky, which is where The Creation Museum is located. Speakers Ken Ham and Jason Lisle from The Creation Museum provided some helpful apologetic presentations. Check out this video which is from the conference and provides you with some interesting concepts in regards to conversations you might have when trying to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with unbelievers and give you helpful considerations regarding old earth and new earth discussions regarding creation.

From the producers of 180 movie, Genius the Movie is being prepared for a December 8th release by Living Waters. If you recall the impact that 180 movie had in terms of abortion and remembering Hitler, you will want to check out this movie which explores the life and death of John Lennon where people are asked questions about what they would do in certain situations.

Here is an inspiring message regarding preaching the Gospel when it looks like there is no real clear and present reason to share the message. Let this encourage you when it looks discouraging out there facing a world of opposition. You never know what people who hear the Gospel are going through in their own life and what God can do to transform a heart. This video tells the story of how a man was saved from suicide and converted through the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. "His word will not return void."

How do you present the Gospel to followers of islam? Here is a video of a presentation that occurred in Dubai and it involved Thabiti Anyabwile and Bassam Zawadi in a discussion. This is the part by Thabiti and it confronts the problem of sin before a Holy God and provides the true solution to man's problem. It is not by works, but through the grace of God. Ephesians 2:8-9.

The way in which he presents the information helps to understand how forgiveness can be possible. Note how he clearly describes sin and the need for a Savior.

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