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In May of this year, it will have been two years since David Platt's book Radical was released. This past weekend, the Radical conference was held at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where David Platt presented hard truths to a collegiate audience at the Give Me An Answer event. Nearly two years later, the trailer for the book is worth viewing and contemplating the message of the Gospel and the importance of the proclamation of it.

Book Disclaimer Warning: Operation Evangelism does not advocate female pastors.

To view the video, click here.

Have you ever been asked in a witnessing encounter, "Why are you telling me this?" Sometimes people ask for a reason. We know the Great Commission and Bible verses like Matt 28:19-20 and Mark 16:15 regarding the mission of seeking and saving that which is lost. It was Jesus' mission and it becomes ours. Consider the following inspiring video to encourage and motivate you to get involved in evangelism and go out and tell others the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Talk about an icebreaker for evangelism to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, check out this clip involving persons from Indiana Wesleyan University who were stalled waiting for a flight. I would imagine there are not many people who have done this one before. Imagine sharing the Gospel with the person next to you after they heard this... Enjoy!

Indiana Wesleyan University Sharing Jesus With a Song

With the breakdown of homes and families in society, there is a growing need for direction and guidance regarding manhood. Even if you have already seen the movie Courageous, watch this behind the scenes look with interviews and be encouraged. The following video helps to put together the aspects of what is at the heart of the movie Courageous. It has now been released on DVD. If you didn't get a chance to see it at the theaters, you will definitely want to see it on DVD.

Click here to learn more about the movie or click here to obtain resources.

Considering the opposition one may experience when sharing the Gospel during evangelism outreaches, it is refreshing to hear the story of an atheist coming to Christ. You'll want to listen to this testimony as it reveals some very helpful insights as to how those who spoke to him during an outreach were able to keep the focus on the Gospel. Listen to what happened as he journeyed and searched for truth and came to find the answer through Jesus Christ by the reading of the Scriptures which testify of God's salvation. Be inspired and encouraged to continue sharing the Good News.

Perhaps you're heard the question asked... maybe you've even used it as a reason to justify abortion. Consider the testimony of this woman and listen to what she experienced and think about what she says about having an abortion after being raped. This woman makes some clear statements from personal experience that will help you to think through the issues when a person wants to use the cause of rape as a reason to support the idea of abortion.

NOTE: Don't let the title of the YouTube video throw you off, listen to what the woman said she experienced and think about what she is saying. Notably, rape is a VERY difficult matter for anyone to experience and this is not to make light what they experienced, but is to consider the decisions that she made afterward.

Whether you have seen the full video documentary entitled 180 Movie or not, this video is the full interview with Alicia -- a woman who appears in the full-length documentary by Living Waters. What is quite amazing and interesting is how the questions are related to the experiences Alicia has already had even before she arrived for the video interview. Having watched this clip all the way to the end, one can connect how this all fits together.

In the interview, Alicia was asked some difficult questions in order to present her with a perspective regarding the value of human life. In the process, she was then asked to think about her current views on abortion. She then went from being pro-choice to valuing human life and coming into an understanding of how she needed to think of the situation with a new perspective.

Watch how she goes through the process. You 'll also get to hear her responses to the questions pertaining to the afterlife.

NOTE: If you haven't already seen the video documentary entitled 180 movie on the subject of abortion, you will want to see this important message available for free viewing online by clicking the following link: 180movie.com

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