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Many people have heard of LOGOS Bible Software before, but the same company that makes LOGOS has released a FREE Study Bible that has some really nice media content... all for free. You can view it on various mobile devices (android, iPhone, iPad) and also on the web for desktop usage. It has an interesting way to dig deeper into study notes. While there has not been enough focus on the content of the running commentary, it looks like something worthwhile for your review. Check out this video and give it a look to see if you think it will work for you. Just checking out the some of the infographics that are provided is helpful. It can be handy to have a mobile version of a Bible that you can reference during evangelism outreaches. Also, you can tell others you are witnessing to that they can get an absolutely FREE Study Bible, so long as they are connected to the internet. Check out the video here below, or get it by clicking here.

Here is a message about the most loving thing you can do. It features footage from Billy Graham and has been posted by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. It is evangelisitically inspiring and encouraging about sharing the Gospel. This is a video providing information about an upcoming evangelism outreach endeavor in 2013.

NOTE: The original video has been removed, but this video contains the clip. Advance the player to around 6:10 and you can see this inspiring clip. You may want to watch the whole video because it is helpful.

At the most recent T4G, which is an acronym for Together for the Gospel, David Platt presented a message which spoke to the concept of God's sovereignty over all and how this can have an impact on our view of world missions and evangelism and ignite a passion to endure through ministry and "go into all the world."

Even if you struggle with the free will and God's sovereignty aspect, stick with the over-arching and main task which is to spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have not heard. How do you as a Pastor, leader, or servant within the Church help out in the big picture? Check out the video here.

Consider the following quote by Charles Spurgeon regarding your abilities and serving. It is an interesting thought to consider regarding those wondering where and how to be involved in service for the Lord Jesus Christ.

"Christ had some reason in the choice of His apostles to their office, and perhaps the ground of His choice of Andrew as an apostle was this: “He is an earnest man,” said He, “he brought me Simon Peter; he is always speaking privately to individuals; I will make an apostle of him.” Young men, if you become diligent in tract distribution, diligent in the Sunday-school, you are likely men to be made into ministers; but if you stop and do nothing until you can do everything, you will remain useless—an impediment to the Church instead of being a help to her. Dear sisters in Jesus Christ, you must none of you dream that you are in a position in which you can do nothing at all. That were such a mistake in providence as God cannot commit. You must have some talent entrusted to you, and something given you to do which no one else can do. Find out, then, what your sphere is, and occupy it. Ask God to tell you what is your niche, and stand in it, occupying the place till Jesus Christ shall come and give you your reward. Use what ability you have, and use it at once."

C. H. Spurgeon, Words of Counsel for Christian Workers (Bellingham, WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc., 2009), 8.

Ever had an interest to bring your Church or your particular outreach group to your local mall to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Perhaps you been concerned about some of the opposition you may face or have faced in the past. Check out this video and be encouraged. While there may be specific legal requirements in your state or local area, this is an interesting video clip on shopping mall evangelism that might just be a witnessing approach you may want to pursue..

Kirk Cameron is soon to release a new movie entitled, Monumental. It is my sincere hope that the upcoming movie will be Biblically based and drive home a very strong evangelistic message as the core theme of the entire movie. The upcoming film release is scheduled for March 27th as a one time event in theaters, so you will want to plan ahead to attend a theater near you. Again, while not having seen the movie, it is my hope that the message of "Christ and Him crucified" (1 Cor 2:2) will be the most important message people will come away with after they see this movie. You can find theater information, more about the film, and resources by clicking here. In the meantime, here is a trailer.

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At the most recent Radical Conference at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, David Platt delivered a message describing devotion to the spread of the Gospel. He clarified the difference between the social gospel and defended the central message to seek and save the lost. If you were not able to attend the conference, you can hear the entire sermon audio message by clicking here. David Platt is the author of the book Radical and the most recent Radical Together.

David Platt Radical Conference Audio Message

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