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Tracts are a very useful and helpful resource for various uses. You can use them as openers or leave them for the person to read on their own. It was someone at Way of the Master who had said that one of the really great things about tracts is that a tract can stick around for a long time. It is true, long after an encounter with someone, a tract can still be a voice when you are not there. Get a supply and give them out.

Here are few helpful resources worth checking out, but you may want to modify them with a stamp that you make of your own that has your contact information and a short gospel presentation. Thiis can help out when the tract may not give a clear message. It also provides a way for people to reach you and follow up with you in the future.

Here are some sources where you can obtain tracts yourself:

Living Waters - colorful, catchy, law and grace tracts and related to The Way of the Master ministry.

Fellowship Tract League - the Ten Commandments tract is one that you can update with your own stamp on the back. Tracts from them are free as they offer them as a ministry and from people who donate to the ministry.

ATS Tracts - There are a few tracts from here that can be useful... the Lee Strobel tract can be helpful for atheists, and the Do All Roads Lead to God tract is useful for the relativism in our culture. There is also one that is helpful regarding the facts about the Bible.

Answers in Genesis - they have blooklets that are great for helping people who are confused about creation and man.

Custom Tract Source - If you can't find what you want in a tract, you can have these folks print them out for you.

Grace To You - John MacArthur wrote a gospel tract.


Powerful Audio Message Regarding the Power of Gospel Tracts and Witnessing

Click Here for a message about the man on George Street.


Inspiring Video for Passing Out Tracts


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