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If you are wondering whether God exists, you might want to consider the following thoughts and ask yourself some questions:

If you see a building, ask yourself if you have ever seen the builder who built that building. Chances are you have not. If not, ask yourself how you know there was a builder. The answer is that there is a building there and buildings don't exist without a builder.

When you go to a museum and you see a painting on the wall. How did it get there? A painter painted it.

All logic says the following pattern is true: if there was a building, there was a builder. If there was a painter, there had to be a painter.

Simply take the same logic and apply this to creation. If there is a creation, there had to be a creator. All logic cries out to apply the same reasoning. Just because you have not seen the builder, painter, or the creator does not mean there was not one. The building, the painter, and the creation are "proof" there was a builder, painter, and a creator.

Ask yourself, what physical thing do I know of which does not have a maker?

Consider the following verse:

The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork"  Psalm 19:1 NKJV.

Since you exist, there must have been a maker who made you. You didn't happen by chance. You are not an accident. You are created by a God who intended you to be here right now.

Now that you have considered these concepts:



Conceptual idea credited to Ray Comfort and Way of the Master Ministries.

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